Active Sisters


Jill Danker-President

Tinisha Brown-Vice President of Membership

Haley Duff-Vice President of Special Projects

Alex Todd-Treasurer

Courtney Schneider-Secretary

Anya Greenslade-Historian/Parliamentarian 


Active Sisters:

Amanda Miller

Ashley Haley

Brooke Burrows

Casey McCall

Courtney Chervenak

Haley Rohaley

Jacqueline Schroeder

Jenna Medelson

Jessica Simecek

Julia Gauer

Katherine Wolfe

Katie Honigford

Katie Lee

Kelsey Crawford

Kristen Robinson

Lindsay Conkel

Lindsay Hostetler

Megan Manley

Megan Wistinghausen

Melissa Hutton

Rachel Fishbein

Sasha Bell

Shana Fishbein

Steffani Ronfeldt

Tamara McClure


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